Positioning Systems

Relieves lower back stress and relaxes aching muscles by flexing the pelvis and knees at 90° angles. The 90/90 bolster puts the user in one of the most relaxing positions possible. Can be used on a couch, bed, or on the floor.
90/90 Bolster
Clinical Wedge™
Used for a variety of conditions where elevation of the torso is beneficial. Can be used in conjunction with the 90/90 bolster to increase flexion of the lower back. Also used for patients with breathing problems, heart ailments, and diaphragm hernia.
Item# SMI0412
Item# SMI0413
Nylon Wedge (9"x 22"x 18")
Proudly made in the U.S.A
Vinyl Leg Bolster (13"x 17"x 20")

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